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Cambridge Works, Haig Road, Cambridge - Mobiles Production Area - 1969  (draft page)
This series of photographs are believed to have been taken by Tony Townley in 1969 at the Cambridge Works, Haig Road/St. Andrews Road Factory at the end of the days work.  Shown first are general views of part of the production area and a glimpse inside the stores where 'Antenna Specialists' mobile whips are stacked up in their characteristic red cardboard tubes.
Next is shown some of the assembly stages of what looks like the W15AM Motorcycle Westminster mobile radio.
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 Cambridge Works production area view1
Cambridge Works production area view2 
Cambridge Works production area view3 
Cambridge Works production area view4
1.  General view of the production lines in the old Haig Road factory.
2.  Note the wooden floor which dates back to the 1920s.
3.  Note the assembly line workers' coloured protective coats on their chairs. 4.  A corner of the stores?

 Cambridge Works production area view5
Cambridge Works production area view6 
Cambridge Works production area view7 
Cambridge Works production area view8
5.  Assembly of most products began with sub-assembly of parts.
6.  Next the chassis would be riveted to the wrapper with a compressed-air rivet gun.
7.  A W15 AM Motorcycle Westminster at the mechanical assembly stage.
8. Each assembly stage would add PCBs or components and the required  interconnect wiring.

 Cambridge Works production area view9
 Cambridge Works production area view10
Cambridge Works production area view11 
Cambridge Works production area view12
9.  A part assembled equipment.  The white trays would hold pre-tested printed circuit boards ready for assembly into the set.
10.  An almost completed Westminster equipment.
11.  W15 MC equipments at the end of the production line.
Note the W15 FM Westminster production line in the background.

12.  Do you recognise these people standing near the end of the AM TX production line?

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